Scene: hand


Hi all!
This picture is from a dream I had.
I’ll remake it cause I’m not quite happy about the “pointing finger” (right index finger?) , but the look is almost there, so I want some advice.
I really want to make this as in-your-face as possible.
The feeling I had when dreaming this was that the hand was filled with bone, protruding from it with very tense muscles around.
So the “teeth” is more bone than actual teeth, and I want a very rigid feel to the hand as well.
All crits are welcome.


Powerfull symbols!

Reminds me of the guy who had ‘pay up’ tatooed on his palm. What are you going to use it for? The message is pretty clear!

Greetings, Kanga


Reminds me a bit of vampire hunter D, although the guy there has an actual lifeform in his hand :wink:
It has a bit of a cronenberg theme as well, with the horror-like change in the hand :slight_smile:

It seems to me that the dream you had was a kind of nightmare and then this picture should have a kind of horror/giger atmosphere.

I think you’re not there yet even though the picture already works well but i can’t put my finger on it :frowning:
Ow maybe that is because the hand looks like i wants to eat something but we don’t see what it reaches for :slight_smile:
Maybe you should make some scribble of different views of the hand :slight_smile:


It’s nice to have your night-time imagination doing all of the hard work for you and coming up with some great concepts :wink:

It’s a great image around a very clever idea and quite gruesome as a colleague commented out as he just walked past my desk :slight_smile:

This horrific aspect has been skilfully enhanced by the brushwork used in the painting.


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