Scene building query


Hi, sorry if this has been asked before, but I’m learning as I go so probably don’t know the correct terms to use when searching, plus I know my query will cross over in to texturing…

So, I’m looking to play around with combining a corridor scene created in Max, with some green screen footage in After Effects. My modelling and texturing skills are ok but I have a query on scale.

Am I correct in thinking that I build my scene in Max at 1:1 scale? If that is correct what do I then do about maps? For example if the floor of the corridor is 15 foot wide by 50 foot long, what an I using measurement wise for the texture map?


Correct 1:1 scale.

Go by the flooring manufacturer - they will usually give dimensions for the type of floor. So its its wood parquet or floorboards there is standard dimensions that can be purchased, which is what you use for your dimensions.

When it comes to concrete or plaster this can be tricky without some visual help. For example when you buy Arroway textures they come with a catalog that gives you real-world dimensions that you should use for your texture coordinates.

Last thing is if you are using 3dsmax you can use real-world coordinates when placing textures so it saves you time with any box mapping (which you can get away with for most hard surface objects like floors/walls etc). You can input these values here and it will map at the correct scale.


Example of Paraquet dimensions:

Example of Arroway dimensions:


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