Scanning product box texture


I initially thought of it as a quite simple process, but I wasn’t very satisfied with the results so I’m wondering if there’s a better way.

I want to scan some product boxes I need to use in my scenes. Since these boxes are quite small and fit into my AIO printer scanner flatbed that was my first “obvious” choice. So I used my Photosmart B110a and Vuescan (since the default scanning with HP software seemed worse) and got, well, decent results with some minor tweaking inside Photoshop. But the textures still seem a bit washed out, maybe due to the glossiness of the boxes. Even adding glossiness inside 3DS Max didn’t fix things too much. In theory I could trace the textures inside Illustrator and make them razor sharp, but there are many different textures I need so that seems to be my last resort.

I’m wondering:

  • If I invest in a better scanner should I get better results?
  • Is there any better software solution than Vuescan for that purpose?
  • Is there any other method I could use? I considered the possibility of posing the box, taking some photographs and stitching them afterwards inside Photoshop.

Am I missing anything else?