Scale UV mapping. (not using scale within texture settings)



Probably bit of a dumb question but I can’t find a simply way to adjust the scale of UV’s. I have 50 pebbles and want to align the UV scale amongst them, this so I can assign only one texture to the group (parent).



Not sure if I’m following what you’re after, but the only way I know of to scale the UV’s is to select the UV’s of your object in the UV window, then use the scale tool on them. If you have your texture loaded, you’ll see the scale change on your object.


Thanks for getting back, this perfectly suits what I am after, thank you! There’s no trick to align the scale amongst all at once? Do I have to scale each individual pebble?


The texture tag has a coordinates tab on it. You can select texture tags using the search/filter tools in the object manager.


Hi Daniel, correct but then the UV’s from all pebbles need to be identical scaled.


Ah, looks like a reading comprehension failure on my part.


No worries! Thanks!