scale model scene and objects


Hi there,
I am a max experienced user (but lightwave complete noob) trying to import a model in lightwave.
the model is comprised of around 20 objects. at this point I have a .lws file and several .lwo files. I am able to load the lws in layout just fine, except for the scale: its exactly 100 times bigger than it should be. (and if I open any of the lwo in modeler, it also has the scale wrong)
So I have managed (trough trial and error) to select all objects in layout, scale (size tool) them to .01 in all 3 axis, and then changed the grid size so the model is seen on the viewport.
then I resave the scene, and also all the objects expecting the changes would be saved with them. but when I open any of the objects in modeler, expecting its scale to be ok, it is still 100 times bigger than it should… so aparently the change in size I made in layout is not transferred to each object when I save them…

what should I do? I guess I could open the objects in modeler one by one and scale them there (I really still dont even know how to do it, or if it can be done at all), but I need to repeat this with around 100 diferent models (each one contains between 20 and 50 objects) so that would be really time consuming… is there any other way?


hi patsy2k!
So there are several ways in Lightwave to take care of the scale issue but the easiest would be respecting the different scales while exporting/converting - whatever tool you use to do that.
FBX for instance has an option to do that either when exporting from (Max?!?) or also when importing in Layout.

Anyway, once you have your objects in Lightwave, no matter if it is Layout or Modeler, you will have to deal with the individual meshes.
For now - the next version is supposed to change that a good bit - in Layout Lightwave treats objects as a whole as an entity, whereas Modeler takes care of the vertex level of objects. There are of course some cases where you can manipulate vertices in Layout also. But lets put those aside for the moment…

What you are doing in Layout is a scale that is applied AFTER the object is loaded - its basically a reference that you are manipulating, thus the original object in that regard is untouched. It is meant that way.
There is an option in Layouts file menu where you can save out the objects in their transformed state: “save as transformed” - I´d suggest give it a new name if you are planning to keep the original state as it was modelled. That way the object is saved to disk exactly as it appears in the current frame, all worldposition, transformations, deformations whatever, applied.

In Modeler you have the option to use the layers panel, where you can select all layers of all objects loaded at that given time and now do a scale of 1% to all of those and do your save. That might take a good while, depending on how many objects and vertices you have there - Modeler gets sluggish when there is a lot of geometry present spread over a lot of layers.
That should take care of your problem.
If I remember correctly there have been a view options around to batch process lwo`s in a folder but I haven´t had use for them in a long time. So maybe you could search the internet fur such plugins or scripts.
But again, the slickest way IMHO would be taking care of this during Exporting/Importing.

Hope it helps…
BTW, you will find a much more frequented forum over at:
A lot of very helpful peolpe there…


very good explanation, thank you very much!