Scale extruded polys around cylinder in one axis


I’m making some indentations in a circle round a cylinder. I have selected a circle of polys and done an extrude inner. I now want to scale each of the newly created polys, but only in width not height.

Is this possible?


Image ?
Is the circle on the face of the cylinder … or are the indentations around the cylinder ?



they are around it - I seem to have managed to do it, but I’m not sure how I did it - if you can tell me how anyway I’d appreciate it!


Sorry, I’m not understanding your “circle” term.
Do you mean around the perimeter of the cylinder … like indentations
in a bottle perhaps ?


I’m selecting a loop of polys around a cylinder and inner extruding.

I want to know how to scale the resulting new polys. I can scale them in height ok, but how to I scale them in width?


The only way to scale them in width is to use The Per-object Manipulation from the Scale Tool attributes.