Scaffolding / Cloth Sim / Construction Site Experimentation


So after doing some Maya here and there and even getting into Cloth Sims and Rigid Bodys a bit I’ve decided to do a first real project that i hope to finish.
On my way home from work i keep walking past a construction site and the scaffolding is covered in some tarp. Depending on the light and wind it looks rather cool. I’ve decided to try and replicate that.

Here’s some reference so y’all can see what I’m talking about:


So far i Have the main scaffolding modeled. Its rather simple since it will be covered and hidden anyways. The only way it will be visible if i end up giving the tarp some transparency.

Here’s some small WIP Animations from experimenting.



Im rather happy with the second one already. The constraints seem to work. i just need to add a few more to reduce the billowing. I still need to make the tarp stiffer. it seems more like soft cloth or satin right now.

If any of you have any advice I’m happy to hear it.


Didn’t do much during the weekend excapt looking for textures and messeing around with the translucency


Nevermind that i got into it and did something for the background and some simple lighting


Maya corrupted my file and i lost all my shaders, the simulation itself and the rough modeling behind the scaffold.
So i guess that’s it for this thread.