Saving character Poses on Custom rigs!!


Hi guys,

I am new on max 7.

I just wanted to know ways to save different character poses and applying them anytime later on the character.

I know its possible in xsi or maya and am sure it works in max also…

I have a custom rig.

Is there any script which can do this and make my life easier.:smiley:

Any help would be appreciated.:slight_smile:



The create character function under the character menu will allow you to do this.


The create character tool doesn’t have a save pose option. And that tool just isnt’ very good to begine with. The save animation button just saves a Max file of all your animation with a different extension. You can do this without the character tool.

There are several scripts that are out there that do this as far as I know. Have a look at


Hi mark.

i did try with create character, but as pen mentioned it just saves animation i couldnt get poses.

Hey pen

Thanx alot for the site link. I found some scripts through which we can get poses.

Thanx alot guys.



hmm do you need something that saves them to a file or something that will allow you to copy and paste poses?
a copy and paste pose would be preaty simple to writte

you could do something like

------copy pose

 MyLatestPose = #() --empty container 
 Obj = selection as array --current selection
 for i = 1 to Obj.count do
 o = Obj[i]
 t = Obj[i].transform.controller.value --get the local value of the controller
 append MyLatestPose #(o,t)

---- to paste

 if MyLatestPose != undefined then --simple test to make sure a pose has been copyed
 for i = 1 to MyLatestPose.count do
 objTranAr = MyLatestPose[i]
 o = objTranAr[1] -- get transform data
 t = objTranAr[2] -- get the object it belongs too
 o.transform.controller.value = t 

as i said this is a simple copy and paste.
it will allow you to copy the current objects transformation and paste them at a difernet time. it dosn’t handle re mapping or anything like that.
anyways this might not work sence i just wrotte it and i don’t have max at work to test it.


hi carlos

thanx man. We actually wrote a script which could copy/paste. But the thing is it works only if we work in the same Max session. The moment we have another max open and try to copy from one to another session…it Doesnt Work… WIERED.

Just something to do with each max session values…

But we got it working for now…:thumbsup:


yeah sims like you need somthing that will copy the data to a file.
or to a paramater block in max.
should be to hard to write. actualy you can just out put the data to an ini file. then read it out from there.
hmmmmmm??? sound like some thing word writting over night.


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