Save Selected PFLOW Events?



So I have a scene which contains a PFLOW setup. I go and select a bunch of objects (including the PFSOURCE particle objects) and do a ‘Save Selected’ to a new filename.

Then I open the new MAX file. All objects seem to be there, but when I open Particle View, the previously setup PFLOW is wacked. Events are missing and disconnected.

What is the proper procedure for doing a ‘Save Selected’ and having the PFLOW setup transferred as desired?



In particle view, are you selecting everything and then going to the Select menu inside particle view and choosing Assign Selection to Viewport?


Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to this.

Thanks very much for the ideas.

No, I was only selecting the scene objects in the viewports (including the PFSOURCE objects). Didn’t realize I needed to select the events in PV. I thought that selecting the PFSOURCE objects would automatically select all related events… guess not.

Thanks again for the tips!