Sandsekh - Daily Sketchbook: (From: CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum)


@Naresh Thanks- :slight_smile:
Heres a few more recent ones

Introducing the I-Pad

Cabin Fever

Too Much TV


The Ipad ! Excellent !


Thank you gpepper :slight_smile:

Heres a shot-breakdown for “Too much TV” If anyones interested

This ones for - WTH! is that?!


The sam topic with somemore time on it.

Red Snow


One Rotten Cop

Dragon Wars


Girl Power!

The Bronze Medal

The photoshop model

Heres the breakdown on previous one


The Sky Trip

Complete the Doodle

Dino Shark

600 Pounds

Self Portrait - Goth

The Fan


600 pound n self portrait came out really nice…u should use this design for Nocturnal also… :buttrock:


Really cool man, love your style. How do you set up your brush, or what brush u use? :smiley:


Man, you really are something else. Your creativity knows no bounds as it is out of this world. I was stunned by your works. What talent yaar.