Salish Dream - Short 3D Live Action Music Video - (JPEG included)


I recently completed Salish Dream. Salish Dream is a 3D live action music video that takes the viewer into a Salish Sea dream sequence that guides the redemption of the hero. The hero is all who aspire to be creative and fully alive, but who at times feel boxed in and defeated. A dream visit to the Salish Sea confronts the hero with 3D animated spirits who move to Afro Cuban beats. By the end of this short eight minute video the hero regains his own vitality.

Salish Dream is an attempt to create a modern day story of the power of the Salish Sea and nature and how they can help us all regain our own vitality in a world where we can often feel drained.

I’ve attached access to Salish Dream below:

I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!