S22 -Strange behavior


Yes, the black viewport has been very annoying for me . Add to it that they moved a lot of menu items around (“to where they should be”) and R21 is not production ready for me. I’m sticking with R20…forget R22.


got the black viewport too, only when working on my laptop with power setting set to low, when i set the power setting to full performance back on and restart C4D thing runs normal again [Windows 10]

a bit disappoint as I finally made my big jump from R16 to a whooping S22!

never know a beta tester need to pay 700$ yearly subscription now :sweat_smile:

but anyways I still LOVE Cinema 4D :heart_eyes:


Oh man this S22.116 is a flacky one , found 2 bugs including the polygon highligting bug in 1 hour, who tested that realease … ?

Korrdinates of points jump to extreme numbers even though I do not touch coodinates, just scaling coordinates (and no, its not a scaled axis :wink: )


It’s the brave new world under McGavran.