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I am trying to get Ryan Church’s brushes into Painter. You can find them here:

My question is, which files should I be using? To be more specific- There’s a .brs file and a .pal file and I’m not sure which I’m supposed to use. What I did, was import the .brs file (because it’s from Painter 5.5) and that seemed to load-- but are these the brushes that Mr. Church uses? Or are the brushes in the .brs file modified by the .pal file?

Also, the brushes seem a little odd because some brushes show up in the brush selector with .psd (something from photoshop?) in the name. Is that right?

I am not sure what the .pal file is for-- I don’t think it’s not mentioned in the user manual. Does this have to do with the different versions of Painter?


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Hi Mechis,

The file which is downloaded via Ryan’s ‘Download My Painter 6 Brushes’ link is not a brush library at all, but a Painter 6 (PC platform) custom palette. I suspect that this custom palette cannot be imported into Painter 7/8, but to load it into Painter 6, choose Painter 6>Window menu> Custom Palette>Organizer>Import. Navigate to the RyanBrushes.PAL file and click Open. Next, select the custom palette from the custom palette list.

The custom palette has 10 link icons to brush variants in two brush libraries i.e the Ryan’s downloaded ‘Painter5_5.BRS’ and the default Painter 6 ‘Painter.BRS’ library. The custom palette icons are linked as follows;

From the Painter 6 default library;

Digital Airbrush (from the Airbrushes category)
Broad Water Brush (from the Water Color category)
Glow (from the F/X category)
Eraser (from the Erasers category)
Square Chalk (from the Dry Media category)
Wet Eraser (from the Water Color category)
Ryan Square Chalk (Ryan has not supplied this variant, but I suspect he took the above Square Chalk brush, and changed the method to Eraser, with Soft Paint Remover as the subcategory before saving it as a custom variant).

From Ryan’s Painter5_5.BRS library;

Grainy Water (from the Water category)
Camel Hair Brush (from the Brush category)
Water Rake (from the Water category)

Regarding the downloaded brush library (Painter5_5.BRS), there appears to be several brush category icons with a ‘.PSD’ extension to their name. I don’t know how they got in there, but as there appears to be no associated variants in the respective categories, they can be deleted via the brush mover in Painter 6 (Brushes palette> Brush menu> Brush Mover), or manually in Painter 7 through 8.1.

The Water Color ‘Wet’ method variants of Painter 5.5/6 will not work the same in Painter 7 as the brush engine for the water color method was significantly changed. However, Painter 8 introduced a ‘Digital Wet’ method, and you should find that Wet method brushes imported into Painter 8/8.1 will work pretty much the same. The only problem is that the wet media dries upon saving the file.

With the exception of the ‘Ryan Square Chalk’ variant, these do indeed appear to be the brushes Ryan uses.


Ryan has kindly provided a list of Painter 8 equivalent brushes on his brush download page, so if you use that version, it may be easier for you to make a custom palette from the Painter 8.1 default brush library. The brushes may not be exactly the same though (the square chalk variant for example).

A good tip is to bookmark this page to aid location of brushes in the various Painter versions. A revised pdf giving details of how to create custom palettes (along with some regionalised Painter 8.1 updates) is available from here.


Ah. Ok that makes a lot more sense now. Thanks so much for the informative post.


THANK YOU THANK ÝOU THANK YOU!!! Kneels on the ground and bowes repeatedly
I’ve been trying to find info on how to create custom palettes! This helped alot! (although it was easier than i had imagined)
Bless you Bless you! :smiley:


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