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hey all,

a friend and i are trying to follow along with ryan church’s gnomon dvds and are having trouble replicating his watercolor wash brush. he gets such a nice even tone and sharp edges and we’re getting nothing of the sort. the best we can muster is still splotchy and very fuzzy along the edges. we feel like we’ve tried every brush option there is and edited all the variants. does anyone out there know how to get this effect?

we’ve also made some attempts to download his brushes but are still working on getting those to import correctly.

anything would be a huge help. we’re on painter 8.



painter 9’s watercolor brushes are much more like the brushes he is using in painter 6. My advice download the painter 9 demo and if u like it upgrade.


Hi B. Baxter,

Read the followng thread to find the answers:

Ryan Church’s brush question


Painter 7, Painter 8, and Painter 9 Water Colors are nothing at all like Painter 6 Water Colors. The Water Color technology changed completely beginning with Painter 7.

I think you must mean the Painter 9 Digital Water Colors which are similar to Painter 6 Water Colors, but a lot better.

This new brush category was introduced in Painter 8, but the Painter 9 Digital Water Colors are improved since Painter 8 and some problems were solved.


Yea i meant painter 9’s digital water colors!


Hi rebo,

Thought so.

I just correct things like that so newcomers to Painter won’t be more confused than necessary.


that search function rules :slight_smile: same problem I was having and I figured out how to make the brush based on whatcha said :slight_smile: Cooooooolies. Thanks


oops, answered the same post a second time.


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