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Hello there, i´m using Painter 8 for Mac, and right now i´m following the DVD of Ryan Church, and there are some brushes in painter that i can´t find, so if you know where are they please let me know! these are the brushes:

Dry Media: Square Chalk
Brush: Camel Hair Brush
Dry Media: Square Chalk Eraser


I haven’t gotten to see the video you are talking about but I have Painter 8 also but for the PC. I would guess the camel hair would be the ‘round camel hair’ brush under the oils pallette. From what I’ve read from various sources that seems to be a popular one for most professional artists. The square chalk is under the chalk pallette. I did install the extra brushes that came with Painter 8 but I can’t remember if the chalk pallette of brushes was part of the initial install or copied from the extras. I’m not really sure about the ‘square chalk eraser’ you are talking about. I couldn’t find anything like that already prebuilt under any of the various pallettes. That might be a custom one. I made a copy of the ‘square chalk’ brush and edited it, changing under the general section the method to ‘eraser’. That works pretty cool. I think I’ll definitely be able to make use of that kind of eraser. I hadn’t considered making an eraser tool like that before. I’m mostly a Photoshop user whose trying to switch over to Painter for illustration work. Not sure if that’s what Ryan Church used in the video you watched or not. I hope that helped at least somewhat.

How did you like the Ryan Church video? It sounded like it was pretty good. Do you feel it’s worth the money? I was considering buying it but money is pretty tight right now in my budget.


It’s been a while that I don’t go check his web site but if I remenber correctly he had a list of his most used brushes there and they were all default brushes from Painter 6 or 7 (can’t remenber).

I’m not the best person to answer you this, there a lot’s of people that know a lot more about Painter then me in this forum but you may try this:

Dry Media: Square Chalk
Select “Chalk” and “Square Chalk” as variant

Brush: Camel Hair Brush
Select “Oils” and “Round Camelhair” as variant (not too sure about this one)

Dry Media: Square Chalk Eraser
I didn’t found a equivalent one in Painter 8 but you can do the following
[li]Select “Chalk” and “Square Chalk” as variant[/li][li]Hit Control (Command)+B[/li][li]In “General” tab (properties) change the “Method” to “Eraser”[/li][li]Hit Control (Command)+S[/li][li]Give a name to the variant, like “Square Chalk Eraser” for instance.[/li][/ol]I hope this helps in some way.

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Thanks a lot to both of you guys…! i’ll get back to work right now… and well… about if the video worth the money, i have to tell you that YES IT DOES… but i suggest you to buy the video of your specific topic, i already got the one of Feng Zhu of cities Landscapes and it explains a lot about perspective, but the one about Photoshop… i have to tell you that Ryan Church Using Painter is way beyond than Feng Zhu at photoshop (even when i’m a great fan of both of them). I hope to buy next the videos of Church doing architecture!
And once again Thanks!


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