Running Nvidia RTX cards in new Mac pro using bootcamp



I’m wondering if someone can help with this?
So I’ve used Macs for the last ten years and really love the OSX and honestly really don’t want to go back to windows. But for 3D work it seems to me that the new Mac Pro isn’t ideal, especially now that Maya-Arnold supports Nvidia GPUS for rendering and Threadrippers go up to 64 cores.

If I could get a top of the line RTX card to run in bootcamp then this would in theory solve most of my issues. I’d be able to benefit from the massive speed increases in rendering using the GPU while also being able to flip easily back to OSX for all my other work flows, mainly editing and compositing.

Is this easy to do or are there some massive headaches involved? If it requires loads of constant driver updates and tweaking then I think I’ll just have to bite the bullet and buy a PC.

Thanks in advance,



At the point where youre installing windows, frankly you may as well just find somewhere to build you a hackintosh system. In all reality though, having to been booting back and forth between the oses, youll likely end up just giving up on one of them and doing it all in one system.


Yeah that thought did cross my mind. Thanks for taking the time to reply.