Rotational values have an offset/jump to a random value when baking keys?


Hey all,

I’m a bit stumped because I baked some animations and I need the curves to be as clean as possible. However, the curves seem to jump in random spots to different places.

I’ve tried using the Euler filter and the Smart Euler filter from AnimBot but they produce the same or even worse results.

A majority of them are offset only by 45, 90, 180, or 360 degrees, so it is easy to fix those.

My main issue is when the values are not subtract-able by multiples of 45. When I offset these values, there are kinks in the graph and animation. It doesn’t match the original animation perfectly and there are some weird twitching going on.

I can manually fix these keys but it’d be time consuming to do this… plus there are multiple other controllers that share the same problem.

So I was wondering there must be a way to fix this without manually adjusting keys frame by frame. And if anyone knew the solution to this?