Rotating a joint in an IK chain


Is there a way to have my rotations on the x-axis made by a rotation joint in the IK chain rather than the shoulder?



So you are using ik spline ik handle.
Try using advanced twist under ik handle attribute in the attribute editor.


Thanks for responding. No Im actually using a rotate plane solver. This is for a robots arm that’s set up like how a lot of action figures are


Instead of including the twist joint in the IK chain, parent the elbow to the shoulder joint so the twist joint can be rotated by something else. Keep it parented to the shoulder so it still follows the arm, but it’s free of the IK handle.

If you want the twist joint to not follow the arm twist, you can add a child joint and position it at the shoulder and then add a SC IK from the twist to its child and parent the IK handle to the shoulders parent (Clavicle?).
Now when the arm twists the twist joint will not.