Rope animation/physics Need advice and help!!


So for the past few days I’ve been wanting to do a little short video with a guy having insanely stretchy arms, so I wanted to do this with MassFX, (I’m not fully comfortable with 3ds Max just yet). So I created a basic rope rig, with bones that are connected to each other with Universal Constraints, then finally at the end a Sphere (Rigid kinematic body). This works with the physics part… But since I’m partially animating this effect how am I supposed to get control of the other side of the rope/arm?

Is there any way I can control the other side of the rope? Like I am able to control one side where the sphere is located but how can I control the opposite side? I want to somehow animate the 2 ends but also have a dynamic rope type effect in between the rope. Please help I’m having a very hard time figuring this out that it annoys me that it won’t work!


You could try creating a controller, make it a dynamic rigid body, add a universal constraint to it, and make it a child of the last bone of the arm. Once this is done, make the controller Kinematic rigid body instead, and you can now animate the controller with keyframes The arm should follow due to the constaint.