Rookie Animator


Hello everyone on CG, I’m Daniel and I’m a bit new to the whole character design thing, but it’s my hope to get to a point where I’m able to create my own characters without difficulty. I recently got out of college, and the program we used for the last two weeks was Cinema 4D, but I have access to 3DS Max, Maya and Cinema, although I’ve been working with the latter program much more as I had the most training. I need to practice on Maya and 3DS Max, but am going to start once my updated version of 3DS comes in.

As far as modelling goes, I have some things built, but as far as actual characters go I have been having a lot of difficulty. I know character design is an advanced modelling technique, but I’m hoping with some proper instruction I will be able to get into the video game and/or animated film industries.

I’ll upload some images of what I’ve done thus far using Cinema 4D, and please bear in mind that I’m still rather new to this.

Thanks for any input or advice.


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