Romance? Or help with it.


This is probably my first post no doubt, but not matter, I was wondering if I could get some help with this painting I’m doing. Okay, atm mostly just the roughs are in and slight shading has begun, I’ll be trying for a more photorealistic feel later. The clouds are also just rough, but you get the idea, although they can be changed. I want this piece over all to give off a sense of romance, love, care and all the things to do with it; it’s for a friend. If anyone can help with me I would be so appreciative. :slight_smile:

A Romance


oh you lovey dovey bastard :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing about these kind of pics is they always look like postcards… But OK, here goes: The couple and the roof is really good, but I’d add something to the rest of the environment thou. maybe birds in the sky, a mountain, more clouds, more colours in the sky… just more STUFF… And maybe not be so obvious about the heart. Maybe just make the heart as small, darker nuances in the clouds. That’s the best advice I can give, hope it helps


Yes that helps a lot! Thank you for your opinion! I know what you mean about the clouds and everything. Keep it simple. Thanks again!


Ya, it’s lovey dovey, but it’s good lovey dovey! :slight_smile:

My big complait is the heart cloud. It’s really not necisary. I think u can convay all u want to without having to have a clique thing like that. Ya, I mean I REALLY don’t like it. The rest is lookin good though.

Keep it up. The atmosphere is good. Try some nice realistic clouds and have fun!



Yes that seems like a good idea. I still will incorporate something in the clouds though, not a love heart. Thanks for the comment. :slight_smile:


Her left arm seems a bit on the thin side, and I’d work on blending the couple in with the environment a bit more… They don’t quite fit yet… Might be hard edges? I realize this is just a rough as yet.
I agree with the posts that say more stuff is needed. The piece has that “sitting on the roof of our apartment in a busy city” feel… Could it be that they’re in that busy city, and different elements of the city are working in tandem to create the heart?
For example, there could be some laundry blowing on a line between two buildings, creating the bottom of the heart, a cloud or three could create a hint of the top… maybe some smog to round out one side… Kind of a “we’re so in love, we see love in things that aren’t generally considered romantic…” theme…
Make sense?

My $.02



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