Rollerball motorbikes


A fan of the 1975 film rollerball i have started to build a 3d version of the motorbikes.

It started out as a Honda CB 125. So thats where i have started too.


So day 2. Starting to come together. I think I can leave the blueprint for the bike behind now as the bodywork was so heavily modified with armour.


It quiet around here these days.

Day 3 & the front wheel is pretty much finished, including details & I’ve stated working on the materials. Next on onto the bodywork.


I decided to stay awake late last night to get the bodywork on the bike. It’s difficult to work just from film stills as nothing it quite at the correct angle (or its too blurry) but I still feel it’s coming along.
If anyone sees any issues please feel free to say…


Been busy adding details & fixing a few things. I’ve also lit the bike with an hdri of the stadium I made (more on that later) & added a nice wooden floor…


Not much traffic round these parts anymore 🥺.

A few more material tweaks and I have rigged it for animation. The only part I still haven’t fitted is the engine guard…


Looks fantastic :slight_smile:


Cheers Marshalartist. I was beginning to think i was on my own in here 🥺.

Not quite finished but i thought i’d do a little spin render to she how she looks…


So now i have a question, how can i make a material only reflect the brightest parts of a reflected world, say the spotlights but not much of the rest?


I’ve come back to this to try out my 3d printer. I’m altering the mesh to make it more print happy.

I’ll post the results as soon as they are done!