Roller Coaster Operator, Sormann At Work (3D)


Hi, this is one of the first pictures of my new character
Roller coaster operator


very neat! I like that nasty tongue :slight_smile: is it part of the themepark project?


great stlye.


AHH DONT SHOW ME THIS!! I AM GOING TO SIX FLAGS TOMORROW!! :stuck_out_tongue: I LOVE it! :buttrock:


everything on the theme planet page is like…sooo cool? :D:thumbsup:


Originally posted by Thekkur
very neat! I like that nasty tongue :slight_smile: is it part of the themepark project?

Yes ,He’s the guy who operates the main console of The Rapid Rabbit rollercoaster in the back.One of the most popular Attractions on Theme Planet :slight_smile:


that’s a great character. I love all the details in the background and in the operator’s outfit.

Awesome work!


Thanks .I took me quite a long time :slight_smile:


yeaah good, specialy the background


like I said , great :thumbsup: !


Isn’t it getting boring for you to get another choice award from CGtalk?(oh yeah i see it coming again) I mean come on man! Leave some space on the gallery for someone else! :smiley:

Great stuff as always. I love your work. :thumbsup:


wow thats really cool!!! :eek: :eek:

I wouldn’t go on the roller-coaster he operates, he looks a bit dodgey. I think he needs a big droplet of drool hanging from the end of his tounge :drool: :drool:

The pics got really nice depth, and those characters built into the other rides are really well done.


That’s great. I’ve got two complaints though: the eyes look very flat and dry, needs tighter specular, and the iris is grey? Second, the lighting isn’t top notch, he’s a little dark… Maybe a subtle light from below? I don’t know, but he needs something :slight_smile: Still, I really like the image, and it’s just minor things.

How big will the Theme Planet project be?


very nice !


I just love the style and look of this project.

One question in the end will this be a short animation or will it be a series??


i love that character he looks like you can never trust him or expect whats next …cool stuff …:thumbsup:


Great job man! I would have to agree with urgaffel about the eyes though, some shine on them would make all the difference. Overall sweet work


A good work you have.!
love the frog. is that a frog?? I think so…

i love all the equipments at the back… looks good :smiley:


Great look on the new one. Did you submit an image for the new Maya Fundamentals book Gallery?
You should contact them again, talk to Elise or Garry.


Nice work, very well done!