Rodeo Usage


This is a quick little project I just wrapped where I needed to use Rodeo…first time I ever used it and it worked but was a bit of a grueling exercise. Taming the geometry so it landed just right was an awful lot of trial and error. Rodeo is a great pluggin and too bad it isn’t available for EI anymore. I would have loved to see it tweaked and gotten more robust.

I brought the geometry back into Rhino from both EIAS and EIM as I wanted to render it in Brazil and Fryrender. Everything came through fine (after a little fiddling) and was very pleased to see that Fry’s and Brazil’s cameras lined up perfectly when everything was all finally rendered. By the time the project was done I realized I could have done it all in EI but that’s in hind-sight.


Paul that is a beautiful image. Could you give us a peek at the animation?

For all things concerning EI with Rodeo and Obj2Fact, Jens is the man to contact.

You are right, a lot could be done with hindsight but alas…


Hi Paul,

this one looks really fine.
Nice idea!




Very nice Paul.
If not exclusive to a client, could you release a desktop wallpaper sized image?
Would look great on a 24 inch or larger monitor.


Thanks guys! No animation as this was strictly an illustration. It was tough enough to fill the 1 in an aesthetic fashion…I couldn’t imagine trying to fill it, have it look good and animate all of that motion in Rodeo.

I upped a much higher res image to my .mac site but it seems to automatically down-size everything. It does look much better in a higher res.


Pretty Amazing.

Really can’t tell that’s 3D.


So great looking.


Very beautiful image Paul. I wonder however why you filled the 1 with numbers from 0-9 instead of 0 and 1, like in your “Digital Globe” modo image? Would fit IMHO better.



Two simple reasons…visually more interesting and the art direction dictated I create it so. At times, logic isn’t always appropriate for art/illustration. As an example the 1 instead of the ‘i’.


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