rocket robin hood universe retread


Remember Rocket Robin Hood…(?) A few years back I reinterpreted the world that the series took place in. You can view a version of it here –

I would appreciate some thoughts on it… I was thinking of changing the technology level to late 18th century or maybe even to early to mid 19th century.




Hi Neil, I reread the universe outline again, I had forgotten how cool it was!!

I loved the old RRH cartoon, but I think this idea is much more thought out.The less it gets related to RRH the more I like it! It seems now like a very cool science fiction setting to stand on its own.

I really love the crossing alternate realities. These people are living in a world that obeys the most unthinkable laws of physics and is completely outdated, not only that they are living along side the menacing technological singularity. How they find out about each other would be a great set of stories.

As far as your technology level question… I like the idea of the rocket material growing and being harvested for make-shift guns etc. but if it was moved back further it could be pretty cool too.

It would even be interesting to see a pocket universe like ancient japan… maybe I am just too big a fan of ninjas and robots… heheh :argh:

Anyway though, great scifi and fun to read!!!

PS: how about a brief description to go with your original post?


Hi Brian… Thanks for the comments. You’re correct; I should give a brief summary here.

Okay – this was universe was designed initially to create a setting within which Rocket Robin Hood would appear to be plausible. Nevertheless, let’s just forget about RRH and take a look at the created universe.

[li]SETTING[/li]• Far future – 800 to 1000 years from now. Late 21st/early 22nd Century – technological Singularity.
• Emergence of a strong superhumanity runaway Artificial Intelligence. Amidst this new entity were various transhumans – uploads, enhanced uploads, cyborgs, genetically re-engineered humans, etc.
• The only humans left exist within a pocket universe – a sort of “wildlife refuge” – created by transhumans,
before they migrated from this universe to one that they tailor-made for themselves.
• Those within the pocket universe are completely unaware that this is not the real universe, nor that a technological singularity has occurred, or even what a technological singularity is – for that matter
• The AI that occupies the inner Solar System is unaware that the pocket universe exists – if it ever does discover it, it will eventually destroy it, through the quest for knowledge.
• The transhumans have “cherry-picked” the physical laws for the pocket universe created:
[/ul]The entire universe is filled with air. Within deepest space the air is similar to
high altitude (above 8000 m) on Earth.
There are no planetary bodies with a diameter larger than 3000 km – most are
around 1800 to 2300 km in diameter.
Most planetary bodies are metal poor – this makes iron very valuable.
All of these asteroids – minor planets – have breathable atmospheres.
The asteroids have all been seeded with life, some of it common to Earth and
others that have been genetically engineered.
Electronics do not work in this universe, but electricity can – telegraph and spark-gap radio, but no vacumm tubes, rayguns, etc.
Genetically engineered trees provide the means of space transportation. These
trees are like the bamboo, but when harvested and dried, they are solid fuel
Because, the universe is receiving radiation from the Sun, this creates a wind
within the air that fills space. Tracking the currents is important, as the strongest
winds are able to alter the orbits of asteroids.
The transhumans placed humans on the asteroids with a medieval level of
technology – this would keep humans in a state of “ignorant bliss”, unlikely to
develop a technological Singularity within the conservation area.
Now medieval technology is the foundation for the technology of the modern world and includes certain items like; spectacles, water mills, combined simple machines, mechanical clocks, crop rotation, gunpowder, cannon, magnets, the compass, and the printing press. Plus, other technologies that were developed later could easily have occurred during the medieval period – e.g. simple steam power, lighter than air flight.

There is no central body of mass within the pocket universe (like a Sun) and while the light of Sol penetrates into the pocket universe, its gravitational energy does not. The asteroids are in ever changing orbits about each other, often forming stable clusters that are disturbed by hurricanes and passages of rogue asteroids. So, an asteroid that was thirty light seconds away from your own last year may be two light minutes away this year.

Space ships are a bizarre fusion of airship, submarine, and
sailing vessel. Smaller ships may use rockets along for ascent/descent and to travel through space…

The pocket universe, inside, is 1 A.U. in diameter – that is actually quite a lot of space given the parameters and the maximum size of worlds. It also means that there will be many different cultures that have appeared over time…

Brian: yes, I could see some form of Japanese-based ninja/samurai cultures forming (or being seeded by the transhumans), but no robots (okay, maybe if they are entirely mechanical)… My personal favourite would be a circa 1850 British Empire style quasi-steampunk culture within one cluster of asteroids.
P.S. There is the “MacGuffin”, not previously mentioned… A specific number of objects have been left behind within the pocket universe by the transhumans – if these objects are all assembled together, the pocket universe will become the doorway to a whole new universe (like the pocket universe, only several thousand light years in diameter) and break all connexion with our original universe – and thus, eliminate the potential threat from the AI.

Thanks for the feedback.


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