Rocket 3F 1.0 relased!


Hay, Rocket 3F is on Sale!!!

Check it:


We glad to let you know that we just released new version of Rocket 3F!
In new 1.5 version Render was introduced!!!
Now Rocket 3F Basic version is absolutely free!!!
Also price was dropped and Pro version costs now only 79 EUR!!!
Details are here:


Will this include the ability to create animations or is this tool strictly for modeling???


Hay DreReid, Rocket 3F is strictly for modeling.


Hay, 1.6 version is here!
Updates: Push Pull, Ambient Occlusion, Auto Save, etc…

Check video overview:

Also you can check how new Push Pull works:

For more details click here:

Happy modeling
Rocket 3F


Hay, there is a competition on Rocket 3F site, it is possible to win Rocket 3F Pro, check it:


Review of Rocket 3F by askNK:


Hay, now Rocket 3F, has Bridge to Blender! So you can exchange you models between Rocket 3F and Blender.
Check it:


Hay people, check new Portable version of Rocket 3F:


Hay. new version of Rocket 3F is here: