Rock Pack 01 on Gumroad


Hey guys,

I made a rock pack with high quality pebbles. You can buy it on Gumroad :

First 25 people get 50% off ! Use the Discount Code “thisrocks”

Here are some renders:

The pack includes:

16 OBJ files :10K polygons each with clean uv’s.
16 OBJ files: Super low poly versions of the rocks for simulating.
A plane of relaxed points to instance the rocks on.

Texture Maps:
1 Diffuse Map : 8K
1 Bump Map : 8K
Ambient Occlusion Map : 2K x 16 in combined 8K Map
Edges Map : 2K x 16 in combined 8K Map
Normal Map : 2K x 16 in combined 8K Map

I spent quite a bit of time making sure they play nicely with Lightwave. So all rocks have the same surface name and share the same 0-1 uv space, so you only need one material.

Suggested workflows :

For long and medium shots: Import the rocks, import the points, add an instancer.
For close ups or when you need the rocks to be laid out physically accurate: Import the sim geo rocks, do a bullet sim, replace the objects, either on disk or by changing the path in the .lws file ( replacing “SIM_GEOMETRY” with “HIGH_RES”)

Feel free to share or buy of course Thank you !