Roca's Drawcember


Aww! So sweet. Love the name Bibiche :smiley:
He probably really enjoyed sitting on that tree every year!


I hadn’t had a very good day today. Sigh. Nevermind. One of my favorite motives foxes. Always brighten up my day. I liked this way of painting very much. I have not really a defined style jet. But I like this one very much.


Sorry for the bad quality. Like I said my mobile camera is horrible :frowning:
Iwas so exhausted after work today, I couldn’t bring myself to the computer. I can not really draw at work… Tomorow I sneack in paper just for the case to use my break to draw something… I made this study of an owl from a Foto. The original picture is here.
The owl turned out as tired as I feel -.-


I love the feather details!


I think your owl looks good! :slight_smile: Don’t stress about drawing, just do something fun and simple.


The foxes are so cute. It’s nice to have a favourite to fall back on when you’re not feeling up to a challenge but foxes are such a cute choice for it :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for support :slight_smile:
What I did today is a little messy but I like the idea. Two young winter nature spirits see for the first time a butterfly. Amazed by it one accidentally ly freezes it. Poor thing…

Maybe I do refine it with more time.


Beautiful! I think the looser style works well with the subject matter.


Thank you very much Philimena :slight_smile:


I love the story of the Bibiche. Kind of makes me wonder where you are from, if that’s ok? Never heard of anyone that decorated trees for easter :p.
Nice work on the owl too, even though the picture got a little blurry.
Your last piece is also very pretty :). Keep it up!


Keep going!:slight_smile:


The animal pieces are adorable. It’s nice to see you invest some time into your daily drawings, keep it up!


Today another graphite work. I love these. Still feel not too comfortable with lighting. But it helps to try it out only in black and white…
The lynx race I choose is the pardel lynx.

It’s a rare European lynx breed mostly living in Spain. Due to deforestation of cork oaks and other vegetation and hunting he is almost extinct. I love this lynx species in particular. I hope we will still see it in a decade. He lives a little bit different than his cousins. and the points who melt into stripes sometimes are beautiful.


Wow those lynx are so good, it looks like such a nice family. I didn’t realise that there were lynx in Europe.


Lynx in Europe.

You should see the ones from Asia. Look like something from Angkor Wat.

I don’t know where the photo came from. Twitter pic, posted by someone espousing the attributes of Russia.


Hi, Roca.

Cool cat family in your drawing! Forest denizens. Mystical. I still want to do something on Plitvice Lakes national forest in Croatia. Enchanted storybook.


Hi, Roca.

Use napkins!

I do.


Thank everyone very much for your kind words.
What do you mean with napkins Joel?
To dry my tears? I am a little bit confused. If you mean for the picture… this is a digital work ^^


Hi Lady Medusa I am from Germany.
I think this tradition also comes from an old holiday - but its fitting since it marks the triumph of life over death and the beginning of spring. Like Jesus defeated death as well.
Usually fresh branches with the first flowers of spring are used for the “tree”. And its decorated with blown out eggs and other stuff.

This is an example for one:


Cool stuff keep It up!