Robot, Julien Vanhoenacker (Animation)


Title: Robot
Name: Julien Vanhoenacker
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, After Effects

A fairly big project for the copymachine printing paper DoubleA. My first international commercial, that would be seen in 10 countries including Europe.
I worked with this director before. The Actress is a Korean movie star (but i forgort the name). A lot of money was involved, and as i worked alone on the effects, I felt the pressure, the CG being critical here.
About 1 month just for the Robot and CopyMachine preliminary design, and then 2 months of production.
I used Max and AfterFX.

You can Download the Full commercials here :

30 seconds version
15 seconds Design version (For Korea)

Alternate Link
Archived in CGFilms in case the above links go down
>> Kanex DoubleA ‘Robot’ <<


yeaaaarrrr ,enfin du transformer qui bouge et bien en plus ! !!
ton shader metal est tres reussi ! c clair ,c du bon spot ca ! !


very high quality work, great camera tracking. very funny commercial…:thumbsup:



Most Amazing Download ever…

Hope you were paid well


Hehe, I really liked it a lot. Great camera quality.:thumbsup:


nice job. almost everything looks great.


No matter the simplicity of the robot, there is so much complexity there!!

I could spent an hour like some annoying people do, to find something with the animation or the lighting or the modelling, but I concider it as stupid since the overall purpose of the work is achieved!

No comments, magnificent work, great concept.


Super très très beau shader

La fille aussi est pas mal du tout … très beau shader

tu as son mail ?

Et encore Bravo


very high quality work :thumbsup:


Good Good!


I admire you … Superb…!.. amazing commercial


Congratulations. This is really a great piece of work. Very funny comercial. Were you handsomly rewarded for your efforts?


amazing amazing!!

omg… i have never seen this brillant and insperatinal commercial!!

i love the animation, idea, and the look!!!

this is truly amazing!!

I am korean so i know her face but i don’t know her name either… really pretty…

did u have chance to talk to her in person? lol

anyway!! i just had a dream my grilfriend going out with my brother and made me so angry…

I called my girlfriend and yelled at her…

now i saw your animation… i feel ok… i am calm… maybe i should call her and say sorry lol

once again your work is truly amazing!! i love it! thank you for sharing it with us!


yeeeeeeeesssss, great work!!! :thumbsup:
very good tracking!!! which tracker u´ve used?!?


Absolutly amazing!! I love the idea, technically very nice to, but I think the idea makes it!

Wish we got ad’s like that in the UK and less skin cream comercials, I may actually take notice then - Very impressive


that’s what you did. nice transformer and concept…



Some preliminary designs



Haha trrop cool!!

vraiment du tres bon boulot ^^

bravo bravo!!


C’est Magnifique!

You say you were the sole artist on the effects - that’s really amazing! A substantial ammount of work.

I am curious about your materials and lighting setup. Did you just use a skylight with the office environment mapped onto it, or did you do something much more complex? ANd how did you get those great diffuse reflections on the metal?

Thanks for a great post - very inspiring.


Great work