Robot Gone Alone, Guet-Apens - Animation Studios (3D)


Title: Robot Gone Alone
Name: Guet-Apens - Animation Studios
Country: France
Software: Electric Image Animation System, Photoshop

This image has been created during personal researches on SF environment. We have worked hard on design and light study to achieve the feel we were looking for.

© 2007 - Guet-Apens - All rights reserved -


cool i have never seen a eias render looks good is this part of a short??


Wow this looks so cool! Great model and nice lighting!
I like the look of the pic… so detailed! Thumbs up 4*


Nice design of the robot and sci-fi environment, love the shape of the robot so much!


So good feel.


cool designs.


This is really cook, I really like the lighting!


Very nice!
I like the attention to detail the most.
It’s the little things that set good artist apart from the heard.


nice work…really love the robot design :thumbsup:



Its looking very nice, good color skim and details.
Good lighting. Keep it up.

Best Regards


great lighting… :thumbsup:


Yes, Very good image. The lighting really looks good to me. I also like the detail in the image. Great work.


wonderful…very well put together and great design.


can yo post more pictures?


great image! :thumbsup:


Nice atmosphere … :thumbsup: but how does it turn its head?


Thanks for all your nice posts.
His head isn’t turning on Y axis because all the top body is rotating with his arms.
You can’t see it on this view though.


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