Robot carrying heavy load


i’m not sure what exactly to write here… but yes i want it to evoke some kind of thought or something in the audience…
thanx for any comments!


in me, it does evoque a sense of tenderness,
maybe the way the eyes are displayed,
there is plenty of space for imagination for sure ;0]


i feel as though the robot isnt actually touching the ball…it seems to be floating in his arms. also i would try to maybe get a more interesting camera angle…just to spice up the picture a bit.

but i like the eyes a lot. also maybe think about makeing different bits on his hands different colours. mix in a bit of copper colour too.


Thank you for your commments
thanx 4 the commments…

Yeah the ball seems to float … that was error on my part…

I personally feel the fingers don’t really fit with the face which i really like…they look a bit TOO terminator esque…? not quite as “sweet” as the robots face


This new compostition for your Vanden Robotics logo shows great progress.

Alternate camera angles were suggested, and I’d agree - especically if you want to make sure it looks like he’s carrying the heavy sphere, as opposed to leaning on it.

Speaking of the sphere, I think that material looks perfect! Reminds me of slightly tarnished copper - I like it a lot!

The bump map text looks good on it too, though I think it might serve you better to make the text bigger.

I was thinking that a low side or 3/4 view of the robot carrying the sphere a bit lower, with his arms under it (or around it on the sides) looking at the camera with his knees slightly bent would look really good.

As far as getting rid of the similarity to ‘duh guvunuh’s’ fingahs (poor Schwarznegger joke, sorry) try losing a finger or two, making them bigger, and - if possibly without ruining the look - more round.

Best of luck, and let me know if you need and visual cues!

Looking forward to your finished version :smiley:


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