"Rise of the Kasai" for the PS2


Hey everyone,

The thread on the game that BottleRocket Entertainment showed at E3 was deleted in the crash, so here's a new and improved thread, now that E3 is over.

PSX Extreme article on “Rise of the Kasai”


I never played Mark of Kri, but heard it was really good. Maybe I’ll try this one.


Mark of Kri was like The Best game that nobody played. There were a few innovations that just went by unnoticed. The fighting system was the most unique and intuitive I’ve seen on any game. The use of your bird in stealth at the time was very unique. It basically acted as a camera that you could place and scope out an area before you actually had to enter it. Oh and the cutscenes were frigging amazing. I’m guessing (hoping) they will be using the same technique in the new one. Animation was incredible too. Anyone who’s into 3rd person action or stealth games really should pick it up. I’m sure it’s dirt cheap by now.


I am really excited about this title. great quality character animation. our whole animation team over at bungie is very excited to see the outcome of this venture. when great character animation suceeds, we all win.

damn, now with this title and the price drop I have to go get a PS2. :wink:

keep us updated with the latest press offerings from the game Floyd…and congrats on getting to work on such an exciting title!


One other thing this game has over the last installment is the addition of boss characters. I can’t say too much about them right now, but they are pretty cool.

If anyone got a chance to play the build that we showed at E3, keep in mind that it’s only about 30-40% done at this point. We’re adding a ton of things in, so keep watching this space. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment on the animation as well. Our animation crew is about as anti-mocap as you can get I think. Everything in the game is keyed by hand. We’ve got some feature animators on our crew, both 2D and 3D on the project, so we’re really trying to get a lot in there.


[edit] found the full video over at IGN [/edit]

Here’s the trailer that was shown at E3 (Windows Media format):

Rise of the Kasai trailer


such a great game! can’t wait for the sequel. if you don’t have a copy, check CompUSA’s bargin bin, i saw a brand new copy for $6 and its well worth $40 of gameplay. but like said before, best game no one played.


thanks for the heads up, i remember when mark of kri was released, i glanced at it countless times, about to pick up a copy, I think ill check it out.


Here’s a story from the Hollywood Reporter:

BottleRocket blasts off with ‘Kasai’ vid game

By John Gaudiosi
Sony granted 10 employees their independence from its San Diego studio two years ago and in doing so allowed BottleRocket Entertainment to take form. Today, that independent studio creates games for Sony’s PlayStation 2 and is readying its first title, “Rise of the Kasai,” for release early next year.

Four artists from the 24-member team working on the cel-shaded project came directly from the Hollywood animation business, previously working on such films as “Ice Age,” “Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas” and “The Prince of Egypt.” BottleRocket also contracted a lead artist for the game who came from Don Bluth’s studio."

Read the rest of the article here:




Good work on the game dude. Don’t kill yourself making it. And to think, I’ll even buy a PS2 just to play a game that you worked on. :smiley:




very cool. when this game is released, i might just buy myself another ps2.
i loved the first game ( though the last level was kinda boring ).

if the next one is anything like the first ( quality wise )… then you will have yourself a big fan! :smiley:

personally its weird that this game didnt really take off. in my opinion i think its better than metal gear solid in so many levels. ( i still love mgs, dont get me wrong )


This is still one of my favorite games to play. The fighting controls were easy, the character animation was smooth and entertaining to watch. I’m drooling to play the new game.


ps: i just hope theres more kill moves :wink: ( like when you disarm people of their weapons and kill em with it ).

i used to go entire levels by just doing that :smiley: its so much fun. but having variation of kills for the same type of move would be nice.


You’re in luck then. There are several playable characters besides Rau, each with a few stealth kills and enemy disarms of their own.

Combine that with some of the new weapons the other characters have, and there are lots of new ways to get the jump on the enemy.


:eek: Oh God as if I wasn’t excited enough before.


Mark of Kri had some crazy awesome combat mechanics. I love games where you can kill lots of dudes at a time and look cool while doing it; the trailer for Kasai looks great. If I wasn’t so flat busted broke all the time I’d maybe be looking forward to it more.


This is an update on “Rise of the Kasai”. There’s a game demo out there now. If you reserve a copy at Gamestop (I think other stores are doing this too, but call ahead) for $5, you get a copy of the demo.

Sony has also put together a website for the game:


There’s not really a whole lot there at the moment, but there is a behind the scenes type video. Make sure you have the latest Flash player installed.

IGN has posted some gameplay videos:


IGN also has a bunch of stills from the game:


Gamespot has some game footage as well as some interviews:


Look for “Rise of the Kasai” on March 15th.


yeah, my buddy works at blockbuster, so i picked up the demo the other day. i love the new effect they have in the cutscenes, like the ink flowing and stuff… nice touch. and Rau’s sister is freakin fast, which is cool. Yeah, i was a HUGE fan of the first one.

floyd, i must bow before you now! I swear the animation is the best i’ve ever seen in a game. nice work, man…


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