Ripping, or Tearing Cloth, how to?


Ive got a shot where boat sails are being torn open by cannonballs and wonder how this could be done in Syflex?



I do think so, with using the pins option …
I now got LW:syflex and am doing some indepth research as I go along …

check these archives

and here is one on the topic

If needed I can do an experiment and give you the feedback - or contact
Gerard usually responds in 24hrs. mostly good customer support :wink:



thanks cg, Gerards prompt reply was :

Hi Howard,

I would suggest combining the two pieces of sail in the same object. The
applying syCloth on this object.
Now, create springs to seam both sides.
Finally merge the two edges (with a maximum distance): Maya will add a
node after the syCloth node. This way the cloth will appear as one neat
By animating “Active” you can open the seam.

It’s a little annoying to create all these springs manually, but it works.

I hope this can help.

Kind regards,

Gerard Banel
Syflex LLC


Thanks Howard !! now to make sense of that in using LW. Its mostly the same but different in its integration.
and yep Gerad is mostly prompt with the replies :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


I really need to get my hands on the LW version and see if its similar!


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