Rigging bipedal or quadruped not working; no head movement


When I rig a biped or quadruped (advanced or simple) the head and neck do not animate at all (greyed out for movement arrows).
I can move the arms and legs and everything else except the heads.
I had done everything the tutorial I watched did to add and adjust and bind and animate, but it just won’t work.
The quadruped spine doesn’t even work half the time, and when it does it disappears when I go to animate. Usually I add the spine and it just shows as a pair of empty yellow boxes with no spine joints between them.

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong?
I adjust everything properly so it is sitting inside my model mesh, and I bind the model object. I can’t see any step I do incorrectly.

(Version 24.111)

Is it something with the spine? I added the spine and positioned it, so I don’t know what else to do with it.
But the quadruped tail also doesn’t let me animate it, and it is connected to the spine with the head, right?


we‘d need a file in order to be able to tell what went wrong.