Rigging a reverse foot, on a foot with two bones at the heel?


I have only just started on this one and have no idea where to go. The figure was originally built for Daz3d which can now convert for export to Maya. Before this pipeline was more trouble than it could be worth, because the skinning system Daz uses isn’t compatible with .fbx and so you got a mediocre model that you had to skin all over again.

No longer! And the Genesis 8 joint system is pretty good. It’s build for FK but it wants you to get expressive.

So I’ve had the rig going for a week but some IK would be usefull. The problem is that there are two bones in this rig at the ankle. One bone is the heel, and the other is the top half of the foot, above the ball.

I know why it’s done this way. The character is female, and it’s an easy way to quickly put her feet in interchangeable high heels.

So the reverse foot rig? I’ve tried a few different ways, putting chains from one ankle bone to the next and then to the ball of the foot. Chaining right from the ankle to the ball? No.

This is not a rig that anyone else has ever made a tutorial on that I can find. Any theories?


its the same as every other reverse foot rig.
ankle is top pivot.
then below that one at the heel, one at the ball of the foot, and toe below that

just pretend you’ve rotated from the ball of the foot to raise the ankle ( or in this case, heel)

or… make a reverse foot, with the heel pivot on the ground at the bottom of the highHeel stalk.


Okay, sure. But where am I putting my SC chains? Do I chain both bones together? And in what direction?


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