Rigged hand won't pick up the rope



Can someone check what’s wrong with my animation?

rigged hand and Connected Cubes.c4d (5.4 MB)


pretty much everything is wrong with it to be honest. :smiley:

  1. you have a multitude of dynamics tags on different parented objects. even on the rig itself.
  2. you have set the collision shape in each tag to automatic (for the hand you want to set that to moving mesh instead)
  3. your hand is way too high poly for simulation or in fact anything animation related.
  4. while your connectors approach is a way you can go, there’s much easier and more flexible ways to achieve what you want. i attached one of them, soft body tag on a cloner. you could then just trace the cloner elements like you did before with the cubes to get your rope, for sim speed sake i’ve put the collider tag on a cube instead of the hand, just drag it onto the hand and notice that the sim now runs around 50 times slower.
    dynamics.c4d (4.9 MB)