Rigged character for car crash



I’m working on a still where a car hits a person on a bicycle and I need a good,rigged character.

What are the best I can purchase out there? Any ideas?



The ones from Axyz Design are pretty good for mid-sized shots. They come in a variety of clothing, basic C4D rig and c4d format.

It won’t hold up for close ups however, as they are generally optimized for wider architectural crowd shots.

Other than that you have DAZ (but you’ll need to find the right outfit), and scan stores like Ten24 or infinite-realities.

If they’re not rigged, a quick back-and-forth in mixamo will rig it for you, and if you have R21, there’s handy preset with FK/IK blending.


Thanks a lot EricM! I think the people from Axyz Design look good enough and I will give it at try. I have R21 and will take a look at mixamo as well.


Any joy?