Rhino export


Hi all

Does anyone here use Rhino at all ?

I’m trying to establish the best way to get Rhino models into either FormZ (so I can then bring them in EI), or directly into EI itself.

I have no knowledge of Rhino and the demo Mac version will only run on 10.5.8 or later so I can’t currently test it out.

Appreciate any help.



Export as fbx from Rhino. Set mesh density etc. Open in EIAS.


I use Rhino daily and when I need to get the objects into EI, I always go through EIM. Rhino’s mesher is only ok where-as EIM’s is very good. I export as acis .sat V4.


Here´s one Archive , containing the Rhino Logo sample, as .fac and as .sat file, to evaluate it with your FormZ output.

The file was exported from Rhino OSX beta as .sat V4 and brought into ViaCAD5 and exported from there with the standard meshing options, which can of course be changed to your liking. ViaCAD´s meshing options for .fac export are also excellent.


P.S. One nice thing about ViaCAD is also that you can import native Rhino files (.3dm) which preserves the layers and object colors from Rhino files.


I found Rhino mesh output to be quite good compared to formZ. Personally I don’t use Rhino very much & prefer to bring objects into EIAS via SharkFX not just from Rhino but also when translating nurbs from formZ.


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