reworked squirrel


what do you think? (You have to be sooo careful with text flow in CGTalk!

Model reworked and retweaked. Problem areas highlighted but are there any design no-no’s you see?


those legs look awfully long to be on a squirrel, and the feet aren’t like that…I tihnk…


Can you post a shot of the mesh? That would help evaluate your problem areas.

Plus, I like him! He looks feral and troublesome.


going to have a go at this character now with version 11.

thanks amsmf, he’s meant to be exactly how you describe him.
unLevel - he’s a bit of a caricature - but I will have a look at some reference photo’s instead of taking such artistic licence!


with those claws he kinda looks like a squirrelasauras:rolleyes:


Hey Alfie,
I got no problem with him as he is … cuz he looks tough and he’s a nice model. Plus I think he’s recognizable as a squirrel.

However, the squirrels in my yard (and we got lots of them) have shorter arms than that. If you’re going for a more caricature style tho … who cares. I dig his look now.


with those claws he kinda looks like a squirrelasauras

Haha! I did look at some reference images on the web and the claws can be pretty’s one example

If you’re going for a more caricature style tho … who cares. I dig his look now.

Now you say it Doug, maybe I could push the character a lot more before commiting to a model. The drawing board beckons I think!

squirrelasauras… too close to Ice-age??


Squirrels also have big teeth like a rabbit or more like a rat really. in fact they’re basicly tree rats…really!


Overall I like him. I think the claws give him great character. Something seems odd about his ears though. I think they need to be rotated forward but I am no squirrell expert.



I have already gone back to the drawing-board.!

Maybe I’ll post some of the drawing studies and get feedback BEFORE I start modelling. I had a play with the modelling tools and there’s some fab new tweaks that really make the decision to upgrade from version 8.5 worthwhile.

For me, bigger steps (though small to some) than even the fur itself.


have to confess I haven’t had much time but having gone back to square 1 here’s two alternatives.

very fox-like to me so far…

and this one

Still feel a million miles away for these two.


Are you thinking of using v11 hair? Could be very neat…

Otherwise, I think he looks good. Some wireframes would help if you need help sorting out those problem areas you mentioned…


Nice drawings Alf. I must say though that I prefer the model concept. The model looks more Ice Age in tone(huh?) whereas the new sketch looks more … Disney? He looks tougher and more sly in the model.

Now, disregard these thoughts if that is what you’re looking for. Either way I really dig the sketches. Esp the second one.


I like the second sketch as well…looks like you’re plotting the wireframe already. Good idea.



pdaley - yes, this character is designed to use the v11 hair features right form the start. However, I have a suspicion about using Shag as I’m still not sure Randy Crouchers comment on the AM Forum wasn’t a tip…

ModernHorse - Ice Age was something I worried about but inspired the first model. I didn’t want to try competing on Animation terms with the Ice Age Squirrel but by trying NOT to make him look like skrit, something reminds me too of him.
Does that make sense?
Tough and Sly is definitely something I was trying to capture!

Kevin Sanderson - I usually try drawing the wireframe into sketches but I never obey my own drawings… If I’m trying to work properly and force myself to take the time, I’ll make a plasticene model and draw the splines onto that. I usually obey those lines…

I tried more sketches and accidentaly produced a great design for a mouse which will be in a different WIP thread but here’s the latest versions. I’m beginning to feel inspired to mould clay or plasticene very soon…


Jeepers these are great !!


you should see the mouse design.


Yes ! I should. :wink:



Nice designs!:beer: