Revolution Production Studio is hiring 3D Generalist (senior, lead)/Russia, Moscow/Full time employment.


Hi there!
We`re in Moscow, Russia. Looking for 3D Generalist for a variety of upcoming (and some current) projects.
You should be interested in full time employment in the center of the city.
We make interesting different projects, movies, commercial with cool cg and VFX.
Our art director - Timur Abdulov.

Our projects you can see here:

From you we`re expect:

  • quality and beauty of the result in priority;
  • modelling (hard surface);
  • UV Mapping, texture, shading (v-ray);
  • lighting, preparation for the renderer;
  • optimization of complex and heavy scenes for rendering;
  • the main pipeline - 3ds max, V-Ray;
  • Houdini - experience in this soft would be good skill;

Our site:

Please include a reel (or lots of stills), years of experience, a brief description of yourself
and anything else you’d like us to know.