Revert object from editable to primitive C4D


Hello, I am new here, could you please help me with an issue

I’ve searched all the web and youtube and found nothing.

It’s possible to revert an object to primitive after make it editable

Please help, I am lost

My software version is: Cinema 4D S24


Control/Z if it was a recent change, otherwise there is no going back.


Ok, thank you, hope newer versions come with this option


Why would you want it to? Think of it in the same way as flattening an image in Photoshop, or outlining all your type in Illustrator. It’s a single, destructive step that has the advantage of radically simplifying your scene, and in the case of C4D, giving you new options for deformation.

Ways to mitigate this destructive workflow include: Current State to Object (which copies the selected objects and then makes them editable; duping the objects and then tucking them away on their own layer for future use; or just saving your project incrementally.