{Rev-Share} 3D CREATURE ARTIST for horror-fantasy webcomic/ motion comic


Good day,
I’m a comic artist and writer currently looking for someone who is passionate about designing 3d creatures for a CG webcomic/ motion comic based within the Horror-action-fantasy genre. Your involvement in the project makes you a co-creator and it was designed in such a way to allow you creative freedom.

I also have a background in digital art (studied game design at FIEA) and can assist you where necessary, I can handle the human characters. and other props.
If you’re a gamer or have interest in game dev you’ll enjoy the project even more. Games like Dead Space , Devil May Cry , Resident Evil , SCPs and films like The Thing and Alien are some inspirations.

It involves a social distancing mechanic, a handful of people become carriers of of something that would take instant effect on any mammalian lifeforms within close proximity. The carriers remain immune while the infected mutate into monstrous forms. Hordes of infected can also combine to form deadlier creatures, absorbing traits of other mammals present (bat wings etc). Always pictured them evolving to better adapt to the surroundings with the creative flexibility in your hands.

Below is a sample of the basic concept:
(note with your involvement, our names will appear on all promotional material)

  • Prefer to work with an adult.

  • Someone innovative and with a good business sense.

  • Friendly, and able to work with team-mates

  • Artist who treats their art with passion and professionalism

  • Create scary and interesting monsters that can blend with and compliment my render above.

  • Not necessary but If you have an appreciation or live(d) in New England States or places with that Gothic European Harbor type setting would be great to have you lend culture to the story’s environment.

If interested you can contact via PM or Discord: Stiatent_Em#5403

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your reply