Retopo with the PolyPen Tool - What do people think?


I’m having a look at the polypen tool and its uses for remeshing sculpts / highpoly or pre-existing models.

What are people’s experience with it is it any good?

I’ve used Maya’s quad drawing tools which if it actually worked is the best method I’ve seen for organic retopo. Topogun I still have and use it’s not the best method but is very solid and always works. And also within ZBrush which in the past wasn’t so great…

Any thoughts be great …



I think it works really well - especially when combined with HB Modeling Bundle (

The HB scripts have a 1-click re-topo set-up and a bunch of specialized tools that work great for re-topo (and about a million other things).

I did this on top of typical garbage CAD surfaces with C4D/HB tools


Cool - for geeks like me who have done a hell of a lot of modelling that is beautiful :slight_smile: you’re a quad legend.

I’ll be sure to check those tools out - however I hate plugins please try to sell them to Maxon :slight_smile:


Maxon - please give people like this guy a job with you !? :slight_smile:


Poly Pen has become my favorite modeling tool, after learning keyboard shortcuts. I like the ability to quickly delete faces, edges…, to snap draw and snap new edges to underlying geometry, and bridge without exiting the tool. Used it a lot to retopo this heart.


The Poly Pen is one of the best modeling tools out there, in any 3D package. It’s very intuitive, versatile, and efficient.

My only gripe with it is that they added this “Draw Mode” to it that was not originally there. The Draw Mode requires that you change whether it’s operating in Point, Edges, Or Polygons mode in the Attributes Manager. This was not originally there when it was released.
I have keyboard shortcuts assigned to the different component modes, and it way faster to hit a key to switch into Points than it is to reselect the Poly Pen, drag the mouse to the Attributes Manager, Hit the drop down menu, then select points. Do that 1000 times in a project and it’s a nightmare.
They could fix this by adding a fourth option to that drop down for “Document Mode”. This would default to use which ever component mode is selected in the document.
Worse, they have that “Document Mode” in the Tweaking Mode drop down menu… so why was this missed in the Draw Mode?



Going to be a devil’s advocate.

Polypen Tool pales in comparison with Maya’s quad drawing tools.
I would not even consider Polypen Tool for real-world retopology
because of one single thing: NO PROPER SNAPPING MECHANISM

NO HB MODELLING TOOLS (while good) is still far from an alternative with Polypen Tool.

If you are unable to use Maya, I suggest using Blender but it still requires plugin but way better than what HB Modelling can offer.

Here is the relevant thread I created and users responded.


“Pales in comparison” might be a bit of a stretch. But I hear your point! Adding a smoothing mechanisim (that reporjects) would be a very welcome addition. Very welcome.

The workaround hacks with HB are completely usable.
This use to be very easy to do with the Shrink Wrap deformer and the Brush Tools smooth setting (as well as smear). In the later releases of C4D, I’ve found the Shrink Wrap to be so slow it’s no longer usable.
It Iron tool is also helpfull for relaxing polygons.