Reset Object Manager Layout to it's original default setting



I’ve been doing something in C4D and seem to have accidentally changed the layout of the object manager to a format I really don’t like, or understand.

I thought I could get around it by just restarting C4D but it now seems to be permanent. Even if I start a new project file I still get this format.

I attempted to get back by trying options in the ‘view’ menu of the object manager but nothing seems to get me there and it’s getting more convoluted and less user friendly.

How can I reset this panel to it’s original format?



have you tried …



Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I tried those options. They change the palelle layout but don’t seem to change the layout of the manager panel, at least on my version (R25).



Maybe upload a screenshot (and mark the weirdness) so nobody needs to guess what’s weird for you.


Yeah, needs screenshot.
I would bet my money on an option like “vertical tags” or so, but OP said they had tried the options already, so…??