Request - import Autocad dxf/dwg and type-in values for extrude command


Hi everyone,

I’d like to ask the Silo team to add the option to import dwg/dxf 2d drawings from which to base your architectural modeling on.
And 2nd, it would be great if you could add specific values for the extrude command, be it as a type-in menu or when dragging the extruded face in a certain direction input the value by typing it.

I also hope you improve and enhance materials like glass in Milo, it would be great if you really polish Milo as a renderer for Silo, it may become a great Archviz modeling/rendering alternative.


Silo supports loading DXF files, though I never used it so I am not sure how well it works.

The Extrude command has an options panel in which you can enter a value.