Renderman reflection noise


I have just started to work with Renderman 21.6 for Maya and I’m getting a lot of noise in reflective surfaces in my renders. For this animation my Min Samples are 0, Max Samples are 4096 and my Pixel Variance is set to .01. All of the shaders are default Renderman shaders from the library that installs with Renderman other than the foil shaders. I am also using the Denoise set to cross-frame. I don’t want to boost the Pixel Variance to much as I still want to keep my render time as low as possible.

Am I missing another setting somewhere to reduce the noise in the reflections?

Thanks in advance for the help.



I don’t know what rman does with a min. sample of 0, but if the min. samples are too low the renderer might not see details that need more sampling. Try raising that to 6 and see if that helps.