Renderman in Maya 2016 loading issue


Everytime i try to load Renderman in Maya 2016

Windows>Settings/Preferences>Plug-in Manager

then want to check RenderMan_for_Maya.mll
i get this error:

// Error: (08/01 16:06) rfm Error: RfM Utils License Error: Unable to locate pixar.license,
via LicenseServer or rendermn.ini

// Error: (08/01 16:06) rfm Error: license error //
// Error: (08/01 16:06) rfm Error: Startup error //
// Error: line 1: initializePlugin function failed (RenderMan_for_Maya) //

I know where my free license is, if it helps.
Please help!


I got that before, when I removed 19 and install 20. I got it fixed after I uninstall everything including the NC Installer. I downloaded that from Pixar again and reinstall everything and the license issue went away.


Actually I already re-installed it about 4 times :sad:


I had the above issue and I believe it was because the installer and the plugin were installed in different locations. The installer comes with the pixar.licence file that renderman needs to run.

I uninstalled both the installer and the plugin and reinstalled them, making sure I put the installer in the default path (C:/Program Files/Pixar/). The plugin then gets installed to the same location.

It seems that if you put the installer in a different location, the plugin can’t find the licence and refuses to load.


Since then I already solved the problem but still thanks for your help! :slight_smile:
I am not 100% sure anymore but if I remember right the problem was that the pixar license file was at the wrong location
Thansk to all! :slight_smile:


Yeh I left a reply because this thread comes up when you google search the issue. This should help other people in the future.


I have the same problem. They were all in the same folder but still it wont load. I’m using maya 2016?


Nevermind. The 22 versions only works with maya 2018