Hello, and a happy new year.
I’d like to share my progress on a new script i’m working on. It’s a script to store, manage, edit and apply rendersettings. “What’s the difference with the good old presets?” I hear you ask. Well, my system is open (uses xml), transparent (you can see the setting before you apply it) and editable (edit single settings from within the script).
I’ll share a few screenshots here. I’m not sure however how much of this script i can share with you (NDA).

Eventually this could be used to manage rendersettings within teams or individuals. The Xml is also set up to enable the sharing of settings. So you could actually post your rendersettings together with the cool image you’ve made (if you’d want to share of course!)

The main interface is starting to look like most of my latest scripts: explorer-like!

You can tweak a group of rendersettings right inside of the script
Or just check my blogI’m curious to hear if you’d find this useful or if you’d expect more or different features.



Sounds like a nice little app. Good work!


Thanks for showing your work. This tool looks professional and production ready.

MAXScript + .NET +XML = next gen 3ds Max pipeline programming


That does look like it would be mighty useful!
Let us know when there is more to see.


Thanks guys, I’m actually starting the test-phase at our office this week. I’ll keep you posted on the progress!
I agree on the .net and xml ypuech. This is the second time i’m doing it and it’s getting easier along the way. It makes it so much easier to communicate with our web-department as well.



yea nice looking stuff! please keep us updated!



I’ve made some updates. The most important is the ability to store materials. Materials are stored in an associated matlib under a unique materialname.
At the moment I want to store non-renderer settings, such as environment-settings. This poses a problem though, because these settings cannot be set with the setproperty() method.
See my question here



see the answer on your question



Thanks DenisT. I’ve taken your and Bobo’s advice and added support for storing the common environment settings. Now they too can be stored in an xml and applied back to the scene.
I’ve been updating renderitis: link
I think it’s somewhere between the ordinary render-presets and solidrocks. There are no fancy optimizing methods but it’s more manageable than the closed system of render-presets. It’s easy to share common settings across an office and protect them by limiting the number of people with rights to edit them.
Anyway, I’m adding more engines now. What engine would you like to have supported?



Nice looking UI !
IS this all .net ? a treeview and a list view ?
Would you care to elaborate a bit on how you build the UI ?


Sure, I’d be happy to. It’s all dotnet by the way.
The main items are a treeview on the left and a listview on the right. The left side of the interface looks like a whole because I left out all the borders of the controls and unified the colors.
I hope the image explains it a bit.


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