Rendering preview images for the browser


When you drag an object from your scene to the browser for later use, it auto-generates a preview. These are rarely the angle or size in the frame I’d like to see.

Is there a way to easily render a preview manually from a specific camera or angle?


Drag your object to the browser so it auto-generates a preview first. You can then either change the view in the viewport and then right-click the current thumbnail in the browser and choose Create Preview (this may or may not work as you want) or render out exactly what you want as the preview or use an already generated frame using a square format and can be a lower resolution .png/.jpg etc. as an example, then right-click the current thumbnail in the browser and choose Set Preview… and choose that render from the Open Dialog box.


Will try both of those.

A similar question…some of the material preview images I’ve seen from sets that you can buy have the materials rendered against a black background instead of the usual checkerboard.

Is there a way to automate that somehow so if I wanted all my preview materials to be against a black background (or whatever color you wanted, etc.)?


To absolutely define the preview image, simply render out exactly what you want, black background and all and then use Set Preview…. Auto-generated previews generate from your Viewport and therefore bound by what is actually there, i.e. if alpha is there because there is no actual background then that is how it is generated. I would suggest sets you buy use the purpose built Set Preview… method.


Good deal.

I guess I was under the impression the Set Preview was used for something else.
Will need to experiment.


In principle it’s the same as setting the preview for a saved file (Project Settings>Info) that determines the thumbnail in File Explorer (Windows and equivalent on Mac): Auto Save Editor automatically sets the preview from Viewport and Load from file… sets your own exactly as you want by loading an external image.