Rendering (lights,shadows,all controls) disfunctional



In a previous post I said that only shadows were missing from my renders but I’ve come to

believe that none of the lighting or rendering settings are having any effect whatever on the

scene at hand.

The light continues to emanate from the right although the Point Lights are on the left

and there are no shadows although Umbra is set to zero.

No matter how many Point Lights are included and no matter what the Rendering settings are

the rendering looks as if the scene is lit only by the default light.

Why, why, why?

I have no idea why this is so but it’s a major problem.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone would address this issue and help me out.

Please help.


Hello. I just saw this post here. As a reference most of us Softimage users are at and the mailing list. The community might be the best place to ask this question.

For right now - I am not in front of Softimage at the moment - but it could be a couple of things.

1.) Make sure your options that are set for the Render Preview render are correct. What I tend to do is to “check box” the option to match the Main Render Scene under Preview Options (It is at the very top of the PPG that opens after you click the Preview Options Button. Then, any changes you make to Mental Ray will take effect in your Quick View) Doing this matches and shows changes that you make in the Mental Ray settings, otherwise it wont. Alternatively, you can also use the “Preview” button that renders using a Preview window - that matches the main Metal Ray settings automatically.

2.) Make sure your lights are set to Cast Shadows. I would also delete your main default scene light when you are setting up your lighting, it could be over-powering your scene, and is usually always best to get rid of that when you are doing lighting anyway.

3.) By default, your objects are set to cast/receive shadows. If you select one of them and go to the explorer and then click on “visibility.” If it is turned off, that could be the problem as well. Also, if you made a partition for your objects and put an override on their to exclude shadows, and you might have forgot about doing that - double check that too.

There are some other things too that might make a difference, but I would try looking into the above first. Come join us on the SI Community as well - there are more of us there. :slight_smile: